Início News

The uniqueness of Gracedition

The stocks of sunglasses, lingerie, swimwear and T-shirts are limited and there is even the possibility to customize T-shirts with a line of emoji - which will also be available in a mobile application (app) of the Portuguese brand. A varied offer of Gracedition was presented in June, but it was already in Graça Rodrigues’ plans a few years ago.

Modatex: bring on another five

On July 1st, Friday, Modatex celebrates five years of existence with its eyes set on the next five. True to its heritage, the institution continues to expand the scope of action in the country, with students drawing their destiny within and across borders.

LMA thinks outside the box

With its core business centred on sport, LMA has increasingly invested in fashion – the current trend of athleisure seems to have been created in the image of the Rebordões’ company, which produces knits and woven fabrics – but it never forgets the innovation intrinsic to its DNA.

With their head in Caia

There are more than 26,000 followers of the Portuguese brand on Facebook, including customers and curious. Digital fans who live within and beyond borders and that, when they are in the sand on the beach, do not neglect comfort. Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Dubai are some of the international destinations of Caia, the beach pillows’ brand with a place in the sun in Summer kits since 2012.

Faria da Costa has socks to walk

To have loyal customers, a list that includes H&M, to launch new products to combat the seasonality of its socks and to take the company name beyond the 28 markets where it currently has a presence are part of the Faria da Costa's strategy to grow.

The 2 in 1 of Rust and May

The story of the brand began to be written in Bali. Joana Dias fell in love with the aesthetic and local crafts and, with a résumé with stints in the accessories area of brands such as Eureka, Parfois and Inditex (Uterqüe), the designer finally decided to write her own chapter. Rust and May was born in late 2015 and offers a 2 in 1 to customers: clothing and home furnishings.

Cotex exceeds all tests

The globalization phenomenon has put Cotex to the test, but the Portuguese lace company, founded in 1975, has adapted, added new capacities and conquered other market parts. Zara and Dolce & Gabbana are just two of the international names that already do not dismiss Cotex’s creativity in their collections.

Mary G World: fashion a la carte

Passionate for fashion, Mariana Graça has found in her own brand the answer to the delusion she always felt every time she looked for garments able to interpret the leading role in the several moments of a woman’s day. Mary G World’s 24 hours’ dresses allow customization and are the delight of millennial consumers.

Waya’s travels

The desire for a return to La Guajira, in Colombia, motivated the birth of the Portuguese accessories’ brand, which is cataloguing its founder’s memories. Waya was born in 2015 and came in the luggage of Constança Félix da Costa, the entrepreneur with ethical concerns who travelled by South America two years ago and fell in love with the indigenous art of the Wayuu community.

Damel dresses the military

Damel is introducing new products for the military sector. Besides the automatic insufflation project SeaB2, which is being presented to security forces in Portugal and abroad, the Portuguese company is also developing styles with active camouflage, having the modern soldier in mind.
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